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Submission Catergories

We aim to celebrate the Western genre as well as the new and diverse voices of the now with the following categories that can be submitted to on FilmFreeway.

Six Shooter Siding Six Shot Short Film Competition 

Before being called Tucumcari. Tucumcari was Six Shooter Siding. In reverence to that intriguing name we are holding a short film competition with the following guidelines:

  • The runtime must be within 6 minutes

  • The film must use only 6 long takes/shots.

  • No more than 6 cuts.

  • The film must showcase a western movie trope.

  • Can be a comedy, or drama.

  • Must follow the general submission guidelines for the festival such as no gratuitous violence or pornographic material. (PG Rating level please)

Western Modern Western

Short films within the Western/Modern Western Genre. We believe the genre is still alive and well. We want to showcase that!

Be you an international fan of the genre or a student of film.

Desired Run Times: Between 6-20 minutes.

Native American Storytellers/Filmmakers

The west was not just cowboys, but also native tribes. We invite Native American Storytellers and filmmakers to share their culture, stories, and artistic expressions with us during this festival. This category is an open format category, be it a work of fiction such as a short film, or a work of truth such as a documentary or oral presentation of a cultural story recorded on video. Music videos/performances also are welcome.


Desired Run Times: Between 5-30 minutes.

Spanish/Latino/Hispanic Stories

You can’t have a western without a riff of Spanish guitar. Or a gritty battle without a Mexican standoff at some point. But, there are many other stories that can be told through the lens and perspective of Spanish, Latino, Hispanic, and Mexican storytellers and filmmakers. We invite you to share those stories with us. 

Desired Run Times: Between 5-30 minutes.

Music Video/Musical Performance

Have a music video? Folk? Acoustic? Country? Blue Grass? We appreciate any music that celebrates the sprit of the Western, South West, and Route 66.

Desired Run Times: Between 3-20 minutes.

Short Historical Documentary

Have some history of the west or route 66 that you think needs to be shared, heard, seen, experienced? Come and let's showcase that so we can all learn!

Desired Run Times: Between 5-30 minutes.

New Mexico Student Works

Students are the future. We want to showcase your awesome work!

Route 66

This is something of a hybrid category. We want to celebrate the roaming spirit of Route 66. So submissions can be a documentary, music video, or a short film involving Route 66.

Desired Run Times: Between 5-30 minutes.

Tales of Tucumcari

Tucumcari has a rich yet undiscovered history. Are you one of those tellers of such history? Come share one of these gems of history with us, or is this a tale of the present?


Have your own take on how Tucumcari got its name? Submit your tale of the name!

Desired Run Times: Between 5-20 minutes.

Rawhide Fan Scenes/Films

Love a favorite scene of Rawhide?   Reenact it!  Be it as a western or in a modern context.

Desired Runtimes: Between 5 - 15 minutes.

Stories of the Southwest

Have a film that takes place in the Southwest?   Come submit your tale!

Gunfighter & Gunslinger Shootout 

Think you got the guts to make a great gun fight sequence?  Well partner, come and submit it!
G&G Award for best sequence.

Desired Runtimes: Between 5 - 15 minutes.

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